SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX- The 21st century dilemma

DELETE SOCIAL MEDIA – These words are enough to freak out any millennial, especially at a time like this where we are all under visual house arrests, being bored to insanity. Even I would have lost it at the thought of deleting social media a few months back but not now. Yes, I am on a full social media detox nowadays and today I am doing a little review of the entire thing so if you’re thinking about doing a detox stay tuned and if you’re not, well, that’s debatable (smiles in Dwight Schrute).

Earlier this year I was feeling super flustered and deactivated my social media. But addicted as I am I couldn’t really resist and was back in a week or so. This continued for a few months till I seriously got rid of social media for good in early March so you know I put a good amount of thought into this decision and didn’t do it in the heat of the moment. I have briefed a few major topics that convinced me to go ahead with my decision and how they have changed after quitting social media.     

1) TIME- Well this one’s a no brainer. I am saving a crazy amount of time now. Earlier I used to spend about 5-7 hours on various social media platforms. Now I have all that to do something constructive or just relax if I want to. Either way, I have much more time at hand than I used to. This means more movies, more games, more books, and more hobbies…. yayy !!

2) ANXIETY- Social media put us all in a never-ending rat race against each other. Who is prettier, who is richer, and who goes out a lot, who got more friends and what not? People on social media often engage in flexing and even faking their ‘haves’ online. This puts an undeniable pressure on their audience to produce an even better set of haves. This often leads to insecurities, sometimes even anxiety. And if you already have anxiety, trust me, leaving social media is THE best decision you can take for yourself.

3) MOVE ON– A complete social media detox, especially at the time of lock down, can help you get over certain toxic people that you have been meaning to let go for a long time now. Now that you can’t see them physically, you can cut them off virtually too and experience true freedom.

4) BEST EXCUSE- Oh, this one has to be the best. Not having social media is often the best excuse to wiggle out of certain situations. Be it your society’s publicity work or ignoring someone, “I don’t have social media” gets you out of all 21st century awkward situations.

5) STEERS CLEAR THE WRONG CROWD- Now this one is a bit tricky. Social media is indeed a good way to connect and make friends, especially for those who are a bit shy. But let’s face it-if someone wants to reach out to you they’ll find a way to-irrespective of your availability on such platforms. And if someone doesn’t take a chance to talk to you in real life then maybe it’s for the best. Talking to someone online only and not in real life is its own league of weird (learned it the hard way but we’ll get on it some other time). 

The list of the pros of quitting social media is in fact endless and I am pretty sure you have heard all about it from your parents day in and out ( Omg! Another pro! Your parents will be happy with your decision at least once! 😉 ) So I’ll just stick to the less apparent ones here. If by now you are convinced (even if a bit)of quitting social media then hang on and wait for my next post in which I’ll be dusting certain myths and worries you might have about the detox right now. 

As far as this review was concerned, I’d like to conclude by saying that getting rid of social media has been one of the best things I have done for my personal growth and betterment. 5/5. Would recommend. :p 

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