The insides of an anxious, unhappy mind are indeed tricky, not only for outsiders, who don’t understand what such a person feels or thinks but, even for the person himself/herself. Sometimes trivial things are so overwhelming that they end up troubling us for weeks or even months on end. And what sucks is that we don’t know how to intimate our thoughts to people because of two primary reasons-

 The first of which is frankly, no matter who you are, we don’t think you care about what’s up with us and we don’t want to burden you unnecessarily so we won’t reach out to you unless things are at their absolute worst or getting unbearably painful. There are even times when things are in fact at their absolute worst but we endure only so we can save that one chance we have at reaching out. To break it into layman terms, inside an anxious person’s mind reaching out for help is like a single-use coupon (the number of coupons is limited since no one likes an ever complaining person)and naturally, we do not want to waste our precious coupons on something we may be able to go through without using them. So, we tend to bear till the very end.

The second and major one is that we barely understand what’s up with us. Take me for example- I woke up today with absolutely no pressure to go anywhere or do anything (because lockdown), nobody said anything upsetting to me since yesterday, nothing happened but today I woke up with this unbearable pain in my heart like something was missing or something bad happened to me. So, ever since I woke up I am in a very bad mood and greatly irritable for no apparent reason! See, I don’t even know what’s wrong with me so how am I supposed to get help? And it might come as a surprise to a lot of you but it is pretty common for anxious people to experience that.

Weird, isn’t it? How, even though we humans are all pretty much designed the same way, yet we are so different? Have you ever felt this way or someone you love acts like this? Well then, do let me know in the comment section and I’ll be happy to provide more information or tips and tricks on the same. Also, I will soon be posting more on the topics to challenge the lack of awareness regarding this very common problem and well,for people who can relate.

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