To all the newbie college students

Back when I joined college I was very nervous about the change that my life was about to be subjected to. Naturally, for someone who has been in the same school from start to end, I was not used to moving or changing. Everyone in my school knew and liked me by default and I never really had to make a ‘first impression’ as these people knew me ever since I was 5 and well, I don’t remember what my actual first impression on them was. So, the thought of stepping out of my familiar, comfort zone that I call my school to enter an alien territory called college naturally worried me.

 I remember how all my older friends gave me their two cents on the DOs and DON’Ts of college life and how I applied them as is in the hope to better my college experience. However, much to my shock,  it didn’t end as was planned.

You see, when it comes to advice, everyone will try to squeeze all their good and bad experiences and try to serve you the gist of what they ‘think’ could work. They would give you alternates of what they feel didn’t work for them or maybe tell you the tricks that actually did the magic. And while all their words will be with the sole (not to mention a pure) intention of helping you, it would still not work for you, well not entirely at least.

Why you ask? Well, because humans are complex beings with different needs, emotions, and expectations. Just because Plan A worked for someone you know, doesn’t mean that it’d work for you too. It doesn’t even mean it’s the right way of things, I tell you.

 Like, when I joined college my friend suggested me to give my number to whoever asks for it or whoever talks to me and to add a lot of people on social media. It was supposed to help me find friends and make me “well-connected”. She swore by the tactic as that is what had worked for her apparently. However, when I followed her advice, I ended up being surrounded by a bunch of very weird and some even creepy people who I had nothing in common with and I obviously didn’t want to be friends with them (yep, a choosy af person here). Rather, I had a hard time getting rid of them. Now you see, my friend’s life-saving technique didn’t work for me at all! In fact, it was a total disaster! It ruined the high hopes that I had for college and if that wasn’t bad enough as is now a bunch of weirdos had access to my social media handles and my contact info. Needless to say, the ‘plan’ was an utter and complete failure.

 So, my two cents to all the newbie college nibbas is that please don’t listen to anyone’s ‘two cents’ and just go with the flow! I promise you things work out eventually. Tell you what, I spotted my college bestie sitting alone in the GCR and eating for 2 hours straight and that was how my actual friendship started. Cool, no? 

So, I can assure you that you’d eventually find at least one like-minded person and the only way of finding them is by letting things roll as they may. And if you still can’t find anyone, be my friend, by all means. I hope you have a happy and fun-filled college life. Best of luck!

Till then.

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