With the entry of the Corona Virus in India, the country is set in a panic mode. The lockdowns and sudden house arrests are too much to digest for the ever-active public, especially of the capital city.  While all this closing down of the state is making my friends dismal and bored, I am still filled with hope and am reminded of the famous saying- 

“Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.”                                                                                                     

Irving Berlin

Amidst the corona chaos, the silver lining is all the free time we have at hand. The lockdown and extended holidays have provided a much-needed break to the entire world-overworked students and exhausted employees are now at home with ‘relaxing’ being the only task in their TO-DO List. Even if the reason behind it is rather unfortunate, it is still a break from everyday life! And a sudden and long break like this should not be wasted because a judicious use of this timeout can indeed change your life! YES, even at a time like this you can be optimistic and improve yourself. Mentioned below are some things that can be done to stay winning even at a time like this-

1) LIVE YOUR DREAM! – We have all daydreamt about possessing certain skills or being a certain kind of person. From wanting to learn a dance form to start painting professionally, we all have a wish we have been longing to fulfill. Well this is indeed THE time to go ahead and fulfill your wish and be the person you have always wanted to be.

2) PROGRESS IN CAREER– This time off can also be used to earn certifications and further your career prospects. Yes, you read that right! You can learn even on lockdown. Online sites like Coursera, Udemy and Skillshare offer a plethora of short term courses and certifications that are of utmost value in the job market and the best part is that most of them are free!! So, channelize your productivity towards these courses and earn skills for life!

3) START! – “I want to do it but I am so busy!” – This is the most common excuse we give to ourselves for not starting work on our dream project. Now that the world is at home (and possibly online *wink wink*) go ahead and start that YouTube channel, open your first blog page, start writing the book or whatever you have been delaying! Who knows this might be the first step to your success.

4) DE-CLUTTER YOUR LIFE– Often in the race of life we end up messing up our lifestyle. This time off can be used to DE clutter and organize your life so you are ready for a better tomorrow. Set a sleep schedule, start exercising, and start doing yoga and meditation, start writing a journal- whatever makes your lifestyle, even if a little, better than how it was before this pandemic.

5) READ– What better use of excess time than to read a good book. If you want to rekindle your long-lost book reading habit or want to adopt it for the first time, trust me and start already. Not only will book reading improve your skills and better you as a whole, but it is also a much-appreciated hobby and life-changing at that. You can also start reading newspapers and newsletters (online if you may) to further your knowledge and vocabulary and return to your work with worthy opinions and insight at all current affairs.

6) GET CLOSER!– Yes, yes, I know we’re supposed to socially distance ourselves but only the physical bodies are to be distanced, not our hearts. It can be pretty challenging to maintain relations and bonds in our usual, hectic schedules so why not take this time and reach out to our friends and relatives and rebuild the worn bridges. Go ahead-call your friends, Skype your relatives, text someone and maintain a lively and warm atmosphere.

Remember, HARD TIMES DO NOT LAST FOREVER. This crisis will soon be over and forgotten, what will remain is the work you do on yourself in this time. So, people don’t get disheartened by the present circumstance and use these quarantine holidays to become a happier, healthier, smarter version of you and stay winning at life.

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